Check out this craziness from Texas…
Law On Your Schedule – Texas Man Ordered to Marry Girlfriend by Judge
Just a short FYI for the people who do not spend half of their practice in divorce court, this is very unconstitutional. If you are ever ordered to marry someone by a criminal judge or worse, a divorce judge in a post-divorce or custody hearing, call my office because this is the reason lawyers have pro bono work. Absolutely bizarre! Could you imagine being a lawyer dealing with that divorce? We sometimes disagree with the legal interpretations of decisions of our divorce judges in Middle Tennessee, which is normal as a lawyer because a lot of domestic law leaves room for interpretation because the cases can be very fact specific, but I have never seen something as off-the-wall illegal as requiring someone to marry a girlfriend or go to jail.

Lesson for the weekend: It’s good to be a divorce lawyer in Middle Tennessee!