Some helpful tips for your consultation from our staff:

Hiring a divorce attorney is probably one of the most difficult decisions that most people will make in their lives. The future of our children, and the life that we have worked so hard to build has suddenly become very uncertain. Understandably, most clients are apprehensive about their initial consultation, the cost of litigation, and the divorce process in general.

It is important to remember that while your attorney will be doing their best to advocate for you, they must ultimately rely on the details and proof that is given to them.  Please consider bringing as much of the following to your initial consultation:

  1. A list of questions that you have about your attorney, as well as any part of the litigation process. Additional questions will always arise but having a starting point will help make the most of your time and money.
  2. Documents from any prior legal proceedings that pertain to your case, including any prenuptial agreements.
  3. A list of ideas that you have regarding the division of property and assets as well as what custody arrangements would look like if you w
    ere making the decisions on your own. Your attorney will use these as a guide to help make settlement proposals in your case.
  4. Dates of Birth for each minor child involved in the case, as well as your last three paystubs and prior years tax returns for child support purposes.
  5. Any and all evidence that you have collected in order to prove your side of the case.

Not only will preparing these items ahead of time help your attorney better represent you, it will save them time, and most importantly, it will save you money.  One of the most important things to remember is that it is in the best interest of your children to make every possible attempt to find childcare during your consultation.  In extreme cases, most attorneys are happy to make accommodations but will require advanced notice to the office staff.  Also, if you intend to bring a friend or family member for emotional support, be aware that there are certain things that cannot be discussed in their presence.

In the majority of divorce cases, stress levels are higher than normal, and our emotions are usually not at their best.  Throughout this process, although it may be increasingly difficult, it is imperative that you do your best to look at the big picture. Using these tips to prepare for your consultation will streamline the process and make things easier for you and your attorney in the long term.  From this day forward, everything counts.


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