One of the biggest mistakes we have to compensate for as divorce attorneys are the mistakes clients make before they consult with us.  Sometimes we can fix the mistakes, but other times the mistakes are extremely costly and sometimes fatal to the case.  The best clients who get the best divorce results meet with their attorney well before discussing divorce with their spouse.

If you are having difficulties in your marriage such that dissolution may be in your future, you are going to want to set up a paid consult with a divorce attorney and if you have financial assets your financial planner.  You want to meet with both BEFORE you begin talking about divorce with your spouse.  You do not want to bring up divorce to your spouse if you are not ready to move forward.  Your spouse may take strategic steps to put you in a bad position or attempt to alter the venue, or worse, you may be forced act immediately and detrimentally impact your divorce case.

Common issues that tend to arise when someone fails to consult with a divorce attorney in advance:

  • Disadvantages for custody battles
  • Fund disbursement and allocations that result in further comingling or the loss of marital assets
  • Loss of access to funds
  • Inabilities to refinance property
  • Increased alimony liability
  • Creation of grounds or relinquishing of grounds that impact attorney fee awards
  • Lost Evidence
  • Spoliation problems
  • Disadvantages relating to asset distribution
  • Loss of separate assets
  • Disadvantages in disputes relating to items of property or pets
  • Loss of venue options
  • Victims of strategic deployment of Orders of Protection or Restraining Orders
  • Loss of subject matter jurisdiction in more advantageous forums
  • Loss of access to children
  • Inadvertent violations of statutes
  • Inadvertent violations of federal laws relating to GPS tracking

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