Allegedly, hackers have broken into the website database of AshleyMadison, which is a website designed to help people have extramarital affairs.  The AshleyMadison tagline “Life Is Short. Have An Affair” may not seem as funny if 37 million cheaters get outed on the internet.  Unfortunately, this information is probably going to destroy hundreds of families.  Many times spouses overlook affairs if they are kept quiet, but if the names are released their spouse’s infidelity is going to be available for the world to see.  Worse, many spouses probably have no idea the affairs were even occurring in the first place.

This may also be a goldmine for divorce lawyers in Middle Tennessee, both in new clientele but also assisting in cases that are already open or in post-divorce litigation.  First, AshleyMadison offered a lot of privacy reassurances, and if I had to guess there were a lot of divorcing spouses who cheated and then lied about it in their discovery for their divorce.  If they are found on the list, the other side could show they lied and discredit their testimony at hearing.  In other cases, the client may not have even known to ask about adultery and will now have great evidence of both inappropriate actions but also possibly the misappropriation of marital property.  I know that my office will be personally googling both the opposing side but also our own clients should the lists be released to make sure it is used to our best advantage.

If you google your spouse and find out that they are listed on the AshleyMadison website, do not do anything rash or that might detrimentally effect your case in the future.  Immediately screen shot and print what you found, and call a Middle Tennessee divorce attorney immediately so they can advise you properly and make sure to move swiftly and efficiently so that you don’t get taken advantage of any more by your unfaithful spouse.

More important, if you are one of the members of the AshleyMadison site who is about to be outed, contact a Middle Tennessee contested divorce lawyer even faster to make sure steps have been taken in advance in anticipation of divorce or custody litigation as well as things like retaliatory Orders of Protection or post-divorce modifications.  A divorce will always go more smoothly if you plan for it in advance and speak with an attorney before things get so nasty you stop acting like a rational person and become emotionally compromised.

For more information and up to date information about the AshleyMadison hacking, I recommend checking out Gizmodo and the article about it here.


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