Kind of funny, a Dallas Texas man sued a background check site after his wife used it to catch him cheating. Saw this article on Peoplehype and though it was relevant, as we frequently use things like this to track down cheaters. Obviously some cheaters are sneakier than others, but social media and modern technology has both helped and hindered people trying to hide affairs. The best divorce lawyers will do a quick check on these sites whenever a case has certain fact patterns to see if anything comes up under your spouses’ name. It’s not just anymore either, we will check OKCupid,, etc to see if an opposing party (or even sometimes our own clients who may have forgotten to tell us something) come up with a hit on the profile. Usually, there are some signs in the divorce fact pattern that will make us curious and we will definitely check it out. Of course, this gentleman has gone a little far – sorry buddy, you got busted, so just be happy you are in Texas which is a community property state with no alimony!

On a side note, if you suspect cheating, we always recommend you speak with a divorce attorney FIRST as there are steps you may wish to take to prevent the premature disclosure of the identified proof, such as hiring a PI or having legal counsel do the snooping.

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